Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Enrique (Hershele) Rotenberg #strokeart2014

Enrique (Hershele) Rotenberg KIBBUTZ HAHOTRIM ISRAEL I was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel at the age of 20 to the kibbutz where I live to this day. I married, we had 3 wonderful children and today I am blessed with 5 grandchildren. I served in many key positions in the kibbutz and was also an officer in the Israeli army. At the age of 45 I had a heart attack, followed 3 years later by a severe stroke, leaving me very handicapped. Before the stroke I had no experience in creating art. However, I began to paint with a teacher and today I also sculpture in clay and papier-mâché. I enjoy great satisfaction from my creativity and am able to “console myself” with the fact that if not for the stroke, I would never have discovered my ability to create and enjoy this pastime. Today I am already 17 years after the cerebral vascular accident.

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  1. Wonderful that you have been able to take positive gains from your severe disability. The works are varied and expressive. Keep it up!